Submit Your Book Reviews

To submit your book reviews for publication on Read, Sav, Read, email a Word document, following the guidelines below, to

Within the Word document, please include your name, your email address, and a short author biography. You are welcome to attach a photo of yourself (optional), along with your book review submission.

As far as word count goes, book reviews should be at least 250 words and up to 1,200 words. Format your document according to MLA guidelines (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, etc.)

Example of author biography, to include at the bottom of your review:

Savannah Slone earned her bachelor’s degree in English: Professional and Creative Writing from Central Washington University and will soon begin her M.F.A. in Writing at Lindenwood University. She has worked as a reporter for a local newspaper and a writing intern for CWU. Her journalistic work has appeared in Monroe Monitor, Everyday Career Girl, Circle of Mamas, and Get it Going Now.  Her poetry has appeared in Manastash Literary Arts Magazine and Creative Colloquy. Savannah lives in Skykomish, WA, where she works a handful of part-time jobs and cares for her toddler with autism. When she’s not reviewing books for the viewing pleasures of all of you fine people, she enjoys reading (duh), writing, knitting, and hiking. You can keep up with her writing at

Yours need not be this long, but include your name, education, publications, and hobbies, as they apply to you.

Include “Book Review Submission” in your email’s subject line. We look forward to considering your book reviews.

If interested in joining the Read, Sav, Read book review team, where you will review the books of authors who submit such requests, email (subject line: Book Reviewer) with your name, email address, and a sample book review for consideration.